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“I absolutely love every single class and love everyone that goes. I have met some amazing people on my Fight Fit journey and we have become good friends. My weight loss is entirely down to Fight Fit classes – I have lost two stone in 10 months!”


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“Being part of the Fight Fit community has helped me to develop the self-confidence and self-belief that, with supportive and engaging personal trainers and a hard-working positive attitude, you can achieve any goals you set yourself.”


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“Fight Fit Combat Fitness is a complete, all-over body workout and the music is ace. The combinations are simple but effective. The high intensity is exhilarating. You sweat like never before and your mood is improved within seconds of starting class.”


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Our mission is to help you achieve your personal goals – whether that’s to lose weight, tone up or improve your fitness. We offer popular  fitness classes in York, Selby, Goole and Wheldrake), alongside online fitness and dietary help and advice!

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