About Fight Fit Combat Fitness

Powering you to health and fitness

We have one main mission: to help you achieve your personal goals – whether that’s to lose weight, tone up or improve your fitness. We offer popular York fitness classes, alongside online fitness and dietary help and advice!

Fight Fit Combat Fitness – martial arts to music workouts that give your whole body a workout with upper & lower body combos
Fight Fit Personal Training – one-on-one PT in a fully equipped private studio that includes a large range of quality fitness gear
Fight Fit Abs – 30 minute abdominal workouts that help you to flatten your tum, burn fat, & strengthen your core
Fight Fit 45 – 45-minute intensive workout with plyometrics and HIITs
Fight Fit Tone – 55-minute full body workout that uses light, weighted fitness bars and high repetition exercises
Fight Fit Home Workout – Upper Body Tone, Super butt workout, FF 30  interval training, Abs blast, Postnatal Abs