Instructors Wanted!

Ready for a challenge?


Due to the huge popularity of Fight Fit Combat Fitness classes in York and surrounding areas, we’re looking for individuals who are passionate about fitness and are keen to help teach Fight Fit Combat Fitness.

We’ll share with you our knowledge, skills and expertise for delivering safe, fun, constructive, and successful group fitness exercise classes.

Why teach Fight Fit?

By joining the Fight Fit team, you can further your career by learning how to motivate, inspire and impact people through fitness.

Our blend of expertly choreographed routines and interval-based training has helped hundreds of people change their life – from losing weight and becoming fitter to overcoming confidence and self-esteem issues.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in job satisfaction, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you!

The Benefits

— 2-day training workshops

— Become a certified Fight Fit Combat Fitness instructor

— Receive choreography, manual and certificate

— Learn how to market and run successful classes

All you need to know…

Do I need any qualifications?

No official qualifications are required but a keen interest in sport and keeping fit is essential. Basic anatomy is covered as part of our training programme.

Do I need to be attend fitness classes already?

Of course, it helps if you have previous experience in teaching group exercise classes but some of our current instructors joined up after coming along to classes themselves!

How old do I need to be?

Anyone 18 years or older may attend a Fight Fit Combat Fitness Instructor Training course.

How much does training cost?

The two-day training costs £299. Once qualified, there is a £25 per month licence fee which covers everything from updated choreography, music, use of the FFCF Branding, your profile and all your classes uploaded to the website on a personal profile page.

What does my £25 monthly licence fee cover?

Full use of the FFCF Brand. Access to our online marketing tools, choreography & updates, music and marketing support. Access to our Instructor forum / discussion area and more…

How long do I need to pay the licence fee?

Once you become a certified instructor we have a 12-month term where the £25 Licence fee applies. After this term you can continue or cancel, however by cancelling you will no longer be a certified instructor and will lose all rights to use the FFCF Branding, choreography and everything else associated with being a certified instructor.

What do I bring to training?

A towel, bottle of water, exercise mat or towel for added comfort.

What’s included in training?

Introduction to the Fight Fit Combat Fitness brand
All you need to know about Health & Safety
Learn basic anatomy & functional movements of muscles/joints
A guide to setting up classes
Understand the Fight Fit Teaching model, including correct and safe techniques
Help with customer service
Learn Fight Fit Combat Fitness Choreography
Learn how to build a successful Fight Fit Combat Fitness business
Learn how to market and run successful Fight Fit Combat Fitness classes

Where and when can I train?

The first 2-day training course is coming soon.

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