Costs & Rewards

Rewards and Costs

Rewards and Costs


The Fight Fit Combat Fitness Franchise offers a complete package of support & equipment from £8,000.

Our management services fees are £1 per person for Combat & Tone classes and 50p per person for Abs. In return, we list your classes on the Fight Fit Combat Fitness website, and give you all the training, help and support that you need to succeed in this business.

In addition, each franchisee pays £100 per month into a central Marketing Fund. This is spent on local, regional and national marketing, and on Brand building activities.

Operating a franchise is a full-time business and involves running multiple classes each week. These can be run over any days of the week. Numbers in classes will vary, but could be up to 50, dependent upon the size of the hall.

Income can be increased considerably, depending on the number of classes taken and the number of members attending. Franchisees are encouraged to contract trained Fight Fit Combat Fitness instructors to run additional classes. We would expect a franchisee to run at least 3 classes per week.

The Fight Fit Combat Fitness franchise therefore offers the potential for high earnings. However, rather than set out theoretical projections of potential turnover and profit levels, we prefer to relate to actual track record, in line with best franchising practice.

As you pursue your interest in becoming a Fight Fit franchisee, and long before you commit, we will make available to you in confidence, further detailed financial information based on up to date trading performance, to assist with your business plan.

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