How Fight Fit Combat Fitness started

Class in action!

Class in action!


Fight Fit Combat Fitness launched in January 2012 after we identified that people don’t always enjoy going to the gym but they do want to get in shape and improve their fitness levels.

We wanted to offer an exercise class that would suit both men and women of all ages, shapes, sizes and levels of fitness.

So we put together some basic routines, set to our favourite music tracks and set off to our local village hall to introduce the routines – we were thrilled when 9 people joined us.

The following week saw 12 people attend and over time, we saw more and more people join our classes. Two years on and we now have over 400 members enjoying our classes every week at community venues around York – Fight Fit Combat Fitness continues to grow from strength to strength.

Many people think of exercise as a chore – but Fight Fit Combat Fitness is exhilarating, fun and motivating.

We’ve become more than just a fitness class – our members always comment that our classes are an addiction that has become a massive part of their lives. They will work their busy schedules around our class timetable.

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