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The Fight Fit Team

With more than 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry, the Fight Fit team love nothing more than to see the difference we make to others and their lives.

Our team includes professional personal trainers, nutritionists, qualified eating disorder therapists and sports massage therapists.

“Our goal is to fulfil your health and fitness aspirations – we get satisfaction from your results!”

Our passion is to help people both physically and mentally, driving and pushing positivity and wellbeing.

Fight Fit Instructor
& Co-founder

Co-founder of Fight Fit Combat Fitness, Em knows more than most how to get in shape – she’s lost more than 3.5 stones since 2011.

Em is a personal trainer, sports massage therapist. Also qualified as an eating disorder therapist.

“Like anyone, we’ve had our fair share of tough times, but we’ve had the mental strength to carry on and turn our lives around. We now like to help others do the same.”

After a sweaty class Em loves nothing more than chilling out with my three children, quite often with a glass of G&T and without the guilt.

Weekend treat of a takeaway is a must but then she is back on it, blasting out some new tracks and creating some funky new choreography.

Fight Fit Instructor
& Co-Founder

Co-founder of Fight Fit Combat Fitness, Ben is a qualified exercise to music instructor, a black belt in Shotokan karate and a qualified personal trainer.

“We’re big believers in keeping a positive mental attitude and always believing in ourselves. Not every day can be perfect however we always look for the positive in all situations.”

When Ben is not creating choreography for new tracks, he’s usually stuffing his face with Dairy Milk chocolate. He’s a chocoholic but hey, after several classes per week surely he deserves it?

Ben loves to spend as much time as possible with my family who are obviously also Fight Fit Combat Fitness addicts. Family days out can be pretty entertaining when a Fight Fit Combat Fitness track comes on, the whole family bursts into moves.

Fight Fit Instructor

Rhonda is a York Fight Fit Combat Fitness Instructor

She loves being able to motivate, work and beast our members while having fun and giggles together.

“Being able to motivate, work and beast our members while having fun and giggles together is such a buzz and I am so looking forward to what the future will bring.”

Rhonda says there is no better feeling than getting on that stage and delivering a class to our amazing members and watching the smile on their faces throughout, as well as the sweat flowing from such a hardcore workout.

Fight Fit Instructor
& Franchise Owner

Fight Fit Combat Fitness Instructor Lins believes we are here for one reason. To get fit, look after our health and more importantly have fun!

“I have a burning passion for fitness, but above all Fight Fit Combat Fitness. I can’t wait to share my energy with others and help them reach the peak of their fitness through this exciting and motivating class!”

Fight Fit Combat Fitness Selby Franchise owner Fight Fit Lins turned to Fight Fit after the loss of her husband to cancer.

She loves helping other people who are going through difficult and challenging times and showing them that life can go on.

Fight Fit Instructor
& Franchise Owner

Jane, aka Fight Fit Butters, is a Selby Fight Fit Combat Fitness Instructor and Goole Franchise Owner.

When Jane first tried a Fight Fit Combat Fitness class she was shy, suffering from anxiety and depression and thought she was too big to work out at a size 18/20.”

“I want to show people fitness isn’t all about being skinny. Let me help you reach your fitness goals and feel good on the inside and above all, smile and enjoy yourself.”

Jane says that helping people achieve their goals and seeing them change makes her incredibly proud.

Fight Fit Instructor

Holly has always been interested in sport and fitness. And now she’s ridiculously excited to be taking Fight Fit Combat Fitness global – she has emigrated to Canada and is launching our classes over there.

Holly discovered Fight Fit Combat Fitness at an extremely stressful time in her life and was hooked after two classes.

“It’s an incredible way to forget about everything for an hour, punch and kick away all your stress, have fun and improve your fitness all at the same time! I can’t wait to show people how awesome Fight Fit Combat Fitness is!”

Holly says she has been motivated by the other members of the Fight Fit Combat Fitness team and by how infectious the music is in class. The awesome tracks take her back to her teenage years and you’ll probably hear her singing along to the tracks.


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